Neuromodulator Injections aKA BOTOX

At Medical Aesthetics Canada, we offer neuromodulator treatments for wrinkles at Cosmetically speaking, neuromodulators are used to reduce wrinkles or “expression lines” by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles to give the skin a smoother and more refreshed look.

Our team is composed of cosmetic medical professionals who can provide you with wrinkle reducing injections in a safe, clean and supportive environment.

If you’re considering neuromodulator injections, you’re probably wondering how exactly Neuromodulator helps expression lines. Neuromodulator injections do not treat the skin itself. Instead, they treat the muscles under the skin.

How Do Neuromodulator Injections Work?

Neuromodulator is the injection of botulinum toxin type A to reduce the appearance of expression lines on the skin. Contrary to common belief, Neuromodulator does not remove wrinkles. Instead, it paralyzes the targeted muscles by blocking the facial nerves that signal the contraction of your muscles. Typically, the effects of Neuromodulator will kick in roughly 48 hours after the injections, with results becoming noticeable between 5 and 10 days. However, some patients may notice the effects of their treatment almost instantly with the botulinum toxin therapy.

Neuromodulator injections work on wrinkles, but they can also change the appearance of aging skin, frown lines, furrow lines and so-called crow’s feet (fine wrinkles and creases that appear next to the corners of the eyes).

Neuromodulator treatments also help tighten sagging skin, allowing you to achieve a more youthful look.

Neuromodulator Injections Ottawa and Ottawa Valley Can Count On.

Neuromodulator injections give your skin a refreshed and rejuvenated glow, helping to smooth out wrinkles that have been embedded for a long time. At Medical Aesthetics Canada, we can offer you a new lease of life by temporarily smoothing out expression lines and revitalizing your skin. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we offer a range of treatments, including neuromodulator injections, to patients who want to improve their expression lines and feel more confident with their overall appearance. Neuromodulator injections are a minimally invasive procedure that can effortlessly freshen up your look.

How Long Do The Results Of Neuromodulator Injections Last?

First and foremost, it is key to understand that neuromodulator injections are not a permanent solution. Patients will usually find that the effects will last for an average of up to 4-5 months, depending on the strength of your facial muscles. After this period, you will want repeat treatments to maintain the effect.

Neuromodulators may not be a permanent solution — however, botulinum toxin injection therapy offer a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. You may have some minor soreness around the injection site but there is typically no recovery time. This means you can receive a neuromodulator treatment and immediately continue with your daily activities.

For many people who receive this treatment, the only requirement is that they avoid rubbing their injection site — as it may disburse the neuromodulator away from the treatment area.

Another advantage of neuromodulator treatments is that the results are more subtle. Since the treatment only relaxes your muscles, the effects are more natural-looking than more invasive procedures, such as plastic surgery.

People who receive botulinum toxin injections look like themselves — just with tighter, smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

More importantly, these results are not permanent. If you dislike the effects of cosmetic surgery, you’ll need to undergo additional procedures to alter your appearance or reverse the effects of the operation.

Because neuromodulator treatments only last for four or five months, the results are not permanent. Also, though the effects are noticeable, they are not as dramatic as cosmetic surgery. With a quality cosmetic service provider like Medical Aesthetics Canada, you can solve your wrinkle and skin issues without having to commit to an invasive procedure.

Can You Benefit from Neuromodulator Injections?

People with aging skin have three issues with which they must contend: wrinkles from facial expressions, skin texture and volume loss.

While creams and other home treatments focus on the skin, the underlying muscle is part of the cause of wrinkles. Such creams and other topical treatments can address issues on the surface of your skin.

However, they do not affect the underlying muscle and, as such, cannot solve wrinkles and other problems that occur below the skin’s surface. Injections are the least invasive way to treat facial muscles.

Neuromodulator injections are ideal for people who want better results than creams and other topical treatments can provide, but who also do not want to commit to the discomfort, financial costs and recovery times associated with cosmetic surgery. Instead, they can benefit from non-invasive treatments such as botulinum toxin treatment or other anti-wrinkle injections.

Another benefit from wrinkle reducing injections is cost-effectiveness. These treatments are far less costly when compared to full cosmetic surgery. People looking for cosmetic procedures that provide the most value and the most convenience will find an ideal balance with wrinkle-reducing injections.

Where Did Neuromodulator Injections Come From?

Neuromodulator treatments include botulinum toxin cosmetic use injections. These injections work for moderate-to-severe wrinkles. Physicians also use these muscle treatments to manage muscle spasms, chronic headaches and lazy eyes.

Physicians have previously used (and continue to use) neuromodulators to treat minor medical issues. Cosmetic service providers began using these wrinkle-reducing injections for glabellar lines, which are the furrows between the eyebrows.

However, they soon discovered that botulinum toxin cosmetic use injections can effectively treat wrinkles on any part of the face. At Medical Aesthetics Canada, we can assist you in finding the correct treatment for your specific cosmetic needs.